House of Fun Free Spins Today 3rd Link

House of Fun is a popular social casino game app available on iOS, Android, and Facebook Group. It features various slot machines and games that can be played with virtual coins. To get free coins in House of Fun, you can follow these steps:

Hourly bonuses are rewards that are offered to players of House of Fun every hour. These bonuses can include free coins or other in-game rewards, such as free spins or free coins.

Collect the daily free coin bonus: House of Fun offers a daily free coin bonus that can be claimed once every 24 hours. To claim the bonus, simply log in to the app or website and click on the “Collect” button.


The amount of the hourly bonus can vary and depends on several factors, such as your current level in the game and your activity within the game. As you play more and progress through the game, you may be eligible for larger hourly bonuses.